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Thank you for your interest in being a mentor. Your help will have a great impact on the life of your mentee, his/her family's lives, and your life. Many people will be touched by your generosity.

One of Brighter Future's goals is to turn the skills and an interest of an autistic adult into a means to earn money. Whether that's through a job or even a business of their own. Mentors can help steer an autistic adult's interests and help onto a successful and fulfilling path. If mentee appears to have skills or a sincere interest in a specific area, an individual, like yourself, who works in that area would be incredibly helpful to their growth.

Our mentoring programs are each structured as a minimum commitment of 9 months with a minimum of 2 scheduled meetings per month. Of course, the number and length of the meetings are unlimited, as is the length of mentor/mentee relationship. It is our deepest hope that a mentor will do everything possible to help his/her mentee to succeed. We are always there to provide guidance and support if needed.

Please, join us in turning dreams into reality.