Board of Directors

MIla Larios, Chair & Founder

Mila Larios, Founder and CEO of Brighter Future, is a visionary leader, educator and entrepreneur. Her education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from The International University of Culture. Along the way, she has garnered teaching credentials and taken numerous business administration and entrepreneurship courses to round out her education.

Her professional experience includes business development, administration and entrepreneurship, including being the Co-founder and Officer of Larios Builders Inc., demolition and general contractors of Inland Empire. She was also President of Book VA Russian Language Services, which provided translations, interpreters, and language courses, and Owner of Advanced Benefit Solutions, which serves the corporate benefits field.

Ms. Larios’ main responsibility at Brighter Future has been to establish the vision, values, mission and goals for the company, both strategic and tactical. She has recruited and trained a competent team to steer the company and will oversee the organizational development and implementation process.

Brighter Future Charity Board Member
With more than 25 years experience in software development and large-scale project management in the defense and commercial sectors, Jeff Mahony is currently SaveDaily’s Chief Executive Officer and a founding member. Mr. Mahony has more than 17 years experience in Internet Strategy development for financial trading systems. Prior to joining SaveDaily, he served as founder, President and CEO of the Jeda Group, an Internet strategy firm serving small and middle market financial companies. He has also worked with TRW’s Space and Defense Sector and Smart Technologies, a start-up focused on financial modeling using predictive algorithms. Mr. Mahony is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in cognitive science.

Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer at SaveDaily Holdings Corp, Managing Principal at SaveDaily International Services


Zachary Friesen, Executive Director

Executive Director at Brighter Future Charity
Zachary Friesen joined the Brighter Future team in 2017 and quickly rose from Program Director to Executive Director within one year of joining the group. His background in working both as a Camp Director for children affected by cancer and a Board Fundraising member for another organization supporting foster care children, helped rapidly expand the already incredible program. Within that same year our group went from supporting families once a month two now almost every week. Before stepping into the role of nonprofit executive, Zach established and was the founding partner at Innovate, LLP a national PR firm with clients ranging from healthcare groups and networks such as Cedar Sini and Children’s Hospital to large corporations like LifeLock, Inc and AT&T.

Valerie Monique Sandoval, Fundraising Director

Fundraising Director & MSW at Brighter Future Charity 
Monique Sandoval is the Fundraising Director and MSW for Brighter Future Charity and has been a mental health advocate since 2009. Before devoting her work fulltime to Brighter Future Charity, Monique was a school-based Behavioral Therapist and Director of Student Life for the school district of Los Angeles and a Social Worker for a non-profit women’s community counseling center. Monique graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California in 2017, after majoring in Social Work. She is acurrently pursuing her Ph.D. from the University of Southern California. In 2013, Monique was awarded the Hispanic Heritage Award for her advocacy in mental health and was the 2014-2015 ICC Grant Recipient from CSUF, for her research on psychotherapy and college students. Monique lives in Long Beach, California with her fiancé and two yorkies.

Jenny Tate, Program Direcor/Lead Mom at Brighter Future Charity

Jenny Tate is our Event Director/Team Mom who works with Brighter Future Charity to facilitate a great day for all of our participants.Jenny knows the growth her son, Ray has achieved since joining the Brighter Future Charity community. She works diligently to bring everyone their best experience. She believes your family will benefit from their involvement.