Arts & Crafts of Autism

Brighter Future Charity would like to invite everyone in our community to attend this event as a way of giving hope and inspiration to some amazing families effected by autism. Individuals with autism are coming together to showcase their one-of-kind paintings, hand-made jewelry, and other artistic creations. Some items will be available for sale, where all the proceeds will go directly, in full, to these artists. Come out and meet these wonderful individuals and help us bring our community together, to have fun, to touch some hearts and warm some souls!

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California State University at Northridge

Supported by his parents, Diane and Ray, jewelry teacher Racquel and by the Star Factory Program of Brighter Future Charity, Jeremy did a fantastic job helping students at the California State University at Northridge to understand his life with autism,
 as he is overcoming significant challenges pursuing his dreams to build his jewelry business, making friends, and helping others in need.

Teen with Autism Creates the Business of his Dreams!

A teen with autism creates the business of his dreams! We are working on developing and growing his business.
16 year old Jeremy Bernstein is an entrepreneur with his jewelry making business. When Jeremy was in the fourth grade, he had a project called “Dreams to Jobs” and designed his jewelry making business. Jeremy’s business plan involves working with others like himself and including himself in the business community which requires social skills often difficult for persons with Autism.
Being a business owner according to Jeremy means that he needs a lot of patience, and that he encourages other people to believe in themselves.

“Shop A Little, Help A Lot” Campaign

With unemployment among people with autism exceeding 90%, every action on our part as consumers, can make a difference in a person’s life.  Valuing a person by purchasing their product, helps develop their self-esteem and gives them incentive to continue their pursuits. Their products are made with heart and love. We are concerned with what adulthood would be like for individuals with autism. All of us are touched by autism and its economic burden. Autism’s costs to U.S. economy estimated $265 billion for 2015. Together we can help individuals with autism to become self-supporting and contributing members of their community.

6th Annual Reggae on the Mountain Festival

An opportunity to showcase the work of individuals with autism was presented to the Brighter Future Charity! We are so grateful to the folks hosting the 6th Annual Reggae on the Mountain Festival!

They were so welcoming and so helpful to us! They are a truly fantastic organization! They helped us to spread our message of support, encouragement, and empowerment of individuals with autism!!! As an example of our community’s best Samaritans, Reggae on the Mountain reminds us all of the benefits and power of our community acting together to help those in need!