Save the date, Sunday September 24th for the Abbot Kinney Festival In Venice Beach, CA!

Brighter Future Charity invites ALL individuals with Autism 12 and over, Social Career Coaches / Volunteers 18+ to Participate in our “Autism Gives Back, Be More Social Program” during the Abbot Kinney Festival! This is not an Art Event, but is an opportunity for you to practice your social skills and build friendships within a large community event.

Participants, Coaches, ,and Volunteers must register.Please note this event has a fee. If you require financial assistance, please contact us as soon as possible.Brighter Future Charity’s flagship program is called Autism Gives Back. It’s a unique program designed to provide teens and adults with autism a step-by-step approach to achieving their desired level of interaction with their surrounding community. By leveraging professionals and mentors, from their community to guide students, their families and guardians through an interactive process of talent growth and social growth, Autism Gives Back helps to foster inclusion. Autism Gives Back is not a job placement service. Instead, its primary focus is to place adults with autism into work and social environments that include individuals without disability labels. Positive development is the key to this innovative program. ( for Parking and additional event info!

Event Digest: What is Your Superpower? June 4, 9am-5pm @ Melrose Trading Post

Thank you to all the wonderful artists, supporters, family, friends, volunteers, visitors and a special thanks to The Melrose Trading Post. Our artists were welcomed and given a day of fantastic opportunities!

Also, we want to give a special thanks to our surrounding community! The artists were definitely inspired to continue their fantastic work! Your positive attention and interaction is so encouraging and works to dramatically increase their self-confidence and pride in what they are doing. Thank you so much to everyone!