Second Annual Arts and Crafts of Autism February 25, 2017

Thank you to all our wonderful artists, supporters, family, friends, volunteers, and visitors! It was so heartwarming and uplifting to experience each and every one of you!

It was a true joy to see how our artists developed friendships, how they opened up and showed the best of themselves, in this amazing environment. Watching them improve their existing skills and build new ones and gain a renewed self-confidence and pride, was simply magnificent!

We were so proud to welcome Tom Iland. He’s a writer, consultant, and trainer, who inspires, educates, and motivates those with autism. His signature mantra “Know Yourself. Love Yourself. Be Yourself” is such an important part of a successful life. We were equally proud to welcome Arman Kody, as well! He is well known in the High Functioning Autism arena and runs the largest adult autism group in Southern California. He has served on the California Council of Developmental Disabilities and is well know for his YouTube videos helping others with autism.

We would like to thank and highlight some of our artists and strong supporters:

Florentina, an eclectic, self-taught, savant artist.,  MyKids Unite, Oneness Through Art

Boaz Kosche, creates and makes jewelry in concert with JJ Jewelers https://facebook/JJEWELERSJEREMYBERSTEIN. Thank you to Diane Bernstein who was there to encourage and support Boaz.

Jeremy Bernstein, a unique and creative entrepreneur with JJ Jewelers https://facebook/JJEWELERSJEREMYBERSTEIN, Thank you to his mother, Diane Bernstein, who is helping to grow his enterprise.

Carissa Paccereli, an award-winning artist, illustrator, writer and autism advocate Thank you to her mother, Margarita Paccereli, who was there to help and support her.

Dane Capo, an artist with a unique point of view, who has many talents, as displayed at this event Thank you to both his mother and his sister who were there to support him.

A special thanks to Sarah Kennedy who joined us. Sarah is a young lady, who’s travels all over the world, making friends one gum ball at a time.

And a special thanks to Dan Real Films for capturing so many spacial moments on film. He is going to create a short documentary movie.

For more information and pictures:

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