Thank you to the Richmond Street Fair

Thank you to the Richmond Street Fair in El Segundo, CA and a special thanks to the El Segundo Kiwanis Club. Our artists were welcomed and given a day of fantastic opportunities!

Congratulations on a very fun and successful event!

Many thanks to our artists:
Florentina, an eclectic, self-taught savant artist,  MyKids Unite,   Oneness Through Art

Jeremy Bernstein – unique and creative entrepreneur with JJ Jewelers
business https://facebook/JJEWELERSJEREMYBERSTEIN, His mother Diane
Bernstein, Boaz Kosche, and Jeremy’s aide Wanda were helping to grow this enterprise.

Carissa Paccereli – award-winning artist, illustrator, writer and
autism advocate – Carissa’s mom Margarita
Paccereli was with Carissa to help and support her.

Our artists had many opportunities to interact and practice their personal and professional skills increasing their competency.

This event allowed and encouraged the artists to develop friendships
with their peers and to build business relationships with their
customers/supporters. They gained invaluable  experience in initiating
and participating in business transactions. Our artists attendance and
participation encourages them to build news skills and to grow their
self-confidence and pride in what they are doing.

Many thanks to all!

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