Thank you to the 2nd Annual Long Beach Vegan and Music Festival, June 4, 2016

Thank you to the 2nd Annual Long Beach Vegan Food and Music Festival held at the beautiful Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach! Brighter Future Charity and our artists were made very welcome and were given a fantastic opportunity to showcase, sell and present their wonderful art work to the many visitors at the festival. Congratulations on a very fun and successful festival!

Our artists had many opportunities to interact and practice their socialization and  business skills, whether it was showcasing their wonderful creations or negotiating with other members of the community. It is a pleasure and an incredible place to see how each individual artist responded to the many inquiries about their creative process and their business skills.

This event allowed and encouraged the artists to develop friendships with their peers and to build business relationships with their customers/supporters. We are so thankful to the organizers of this event for giving our artists the ability to participate in and to gain experience in initiating and participating in business transactions. Their attendance and participation encourages them to build news skills and their self confidence and pride in what they are doing.

Many thanks to our artists, Carissa Paccereli   award-winning artist, illustrator, writer and autism advocate –

Jeremy Bernstein- https://facebook/JJEWELERSJEREMYBERSTEIN, His mother Diane Bernstein was there to support him.

Alexandra Adlawan and her Autism support dog, Duke. Alexandra is a multi-talented artist, who designs and draws a line of greeting cards as well as designs very pretty jewelry. Her parents accompanied Alexandra and are her biggest supporters.

Florentina is an eclectic, self-taught savant artist,,  MyKids Unite,   Oneness Through Art

David Krieger and Evan Carter from FACT Family –

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to showcase our very talented artists! We are looking forward to participating in this great event next year.

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