Bixby Knolls Sunday Fun Day 

Brighter Future Charity would like to thank the Bixby Knolls community for giving us the opportunity to participate in the Bixby Knolls SundayFun Day event! Our artists enjoyed many opportunities to present their unique artwork and creative jewelry to the attendees. This event enabled our artists to practice their socialization skills in a supportive and uplifting community atmosphere, as well as, presenting their artwork in an venue where they were able to sell their creations.

Every marketplace and venue that we participate in gives all our artists the opportunity to build friendships with their peers and to begin and continue to build lasting business relationships with their customers and supporters. We are grateful to the organizers for allowing our wonderful artists to participate in and gain this invaluable experience in conducting business transactions and to demonstrate and discuss their creative process. Their attendance and participation builds new skills as well as self confidence and pride in themselves!

Many thanks to our artists, Alexandra Adlawn and her Autism support dog, Duke. Alexandra is a multi-talented artist, she designs and draws a line of greeting cards and she designs beautiful jewelry. Her parents accompanied Alexandra and are her biggest supporters!

Carissa Paccereli award-winning artist, illustrator, writer and autism advocate –

Florentina is an eclectic, self-taught savant artist,,  MyKids Unite,   Oneness Through Art

Jeremy Bernstein- https://facebook/JJEWELERSJEREMYBERSTEIN

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