The 3rd Annual TASTE OF TOLUCA LAKE/ EARTH DAY/Farmers Market

Thank you to every one who was involved in the 3rd Annual TASTE OF TOLUCA/EARTH DAY/ Farmers Market.

Alexandra Adlawan, her parents and Dude, her service dog, Alexandra is a multi-talented artist, she designs and draws a line of greeting cards as well as designs vey pretty jewelry.

Janelle Avila and her mother, Janelle creates T-Shirts that are eye catching and sings with her guitar.

Jeremy Bernstain, Diane Bernstain and Boaz Kosche with JJ Jewelers

Carissa Paccerelli,award-winning artist, illustrator, writer and autism advocate,

Florentina is an eclectic, self-taught savant artist,

MyKids Unite,   Oneness Through Art

Brighter Future Charity supports the empowerment of artists with autism by organizing special events to showcase their individual talents.

  The artists who joined us at the “Taste of Toluca, Earthday, Farmer’s Market” event experienced a very warm embrace from the surrounding community! We want to give a special thanks to our surrounding community; the artists were definitely inspired to continuue their fantastic work; they were able to create new friendships and business relationships that will have lasting postive impacts on them; and they were able to celebrate their hard work! We are so pleased with the warmth and love that the community poured into these wonderful artists.
This event included some heart-warming live music, tasty food, and tons of free give aways – did you get your free trees? Many local and regional vendors attended and we even saw the LAPD and LAFD – it’s always great to see those who risk their lives for us everyday!

Special to thanks to Ricardo Armas, Manager for the “Toluca Lake Earth Day, Farmers Market” for giving us the opportunity to participate in the great event. Hope to see you at our next event. We appreciate you and the community supporting us.

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