Thanking Our Artists and Supporters

Brighter Future Charity would like to thank all the wonderful artists, supporters, family, friends, volunteers and visitors of Arts and Crafts of Autism Event that took place January 23, 2016 at the beautiful Windward Park in Venice Beach!

Over 50 Artists were supported by family, friends and organizations to showcase their one-of-a-kind paintings, hand-made jewelry, claymation, music, custom made clothing and other artistic creations.
We wish to highlight the Individual Artists in attendance:

• Jeremy Bernstein: successful entrepreneur with his own jewelry making business
• Carissa Paccerelli: award-winning artist, illustrator, writer and autism advocate
• Morgan Chapman: artist with a unique style inspired by old school animation, 70’s cartoons, comic books, manga and European style comics
• Casey Jones: inspiration for his paintings and drawings come from the happiness in his life, nature and love from inside his soul and deep spiritual connection to God
• Evan Carter: inspired by subtle yet deep features of anime and manga characters, complex detailing in all forms of art, and the “pop” of modern graphic art
• Glenn Darlington: drawings and animation from humorous to surreal, fantasy and science fiction to ruminations on the tension between the natural and the artificial
• Adrian Castillo: artist and entrepreneur who created Autism Limited Edition clothing line
• Addison Courtlandt: art depicts abstract roads joining them into a wonderful maze. Using only a sharpie or ink pen, he draws on paper and wood resulting in an incredible design
• Mark Gonzalez: Claymation artist who carves intricate characters out of clay
• Vicki Nakash: prolific painter who has mastered how to use color and different painting techniques
• Manuel Briceno: artist with an incredible imagination drawing unique characters
• Wyatt Jackson: repurposes cardboard items such as Starbucks and Egg cartons and wine packing boxes to create interesting mixed media works using bright acrylic paint

The event would not be complete without the dedication of the following organizations who represented several artists from their programs: Creative Steps Family Therapies Nolan 4 Kids Studio, and Space Labs Musical Artists

We are grateful to the families, individuals, local businesses and organizations that are passionate about helping individuals with special abilities to become successful (thriving), self-supporting and contributing members of our community.

In order to have this event at no cost to the artists, we were fortunate to have Event Sponsors step in with their support. We’d like to share our heartfelt thanks to Dan Real Films World Comics Beauty Bar Unite Through Art, and Trader Joes

With everyone coming together as a collective, a supportive inclusive community, our Artists will continue to shine and develop new friendships, networks and entrepreneurial opportunities!