Brighter Future is an equal opportunity employer. We are seeking only individuals who are genuine, loving, warm, positive, patient, and hard working. A genuine desire to provide a brighter future to adults with developmental disabilities by providing an exceptional, high quality services, and a loving, family like environment is essential. Employment and independent service providers candidates must go through a drug screening, criminal background check, and reference checks.

Brighter Future has a variety of opportunities for employment and independent service providers. A brief description of each department and its responsibilities follows:


The Program Department is made up of various positions that responsible and provide the day-to-day care of our clients. For example: Care givers, Educators, and Education Aides.


This department is responsible for continues cash flow; planning, organizing, and managing fundraising events, finding donors, and marketing.


This department is responsible for Planning, Organizing, Staffing , Directing, Controlling, and Budgeting .

Support Services

The Support Services department encompasses a combination of maintenance of our facility, dietary, and housekeeping services. Also, we are seeking various services to support our Administration, Fundraising, and Program departments.

Please, apply only if you strongly believe that you can be a valuable addition to our team. An application form can be found below with instructions on where and how to sumbit it.

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