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Its almost here! The Abbot Kinney Festival is just a few days away and Brighter Future Charity registration is now open! Join us this September 24th for a day of fun in the sun full of social and professional skills learning.

Parents make sure to register your student before the day of the event to ensure we have a skills coach ready for your student. The event is in Venice Beach and will run from 10am until 6pm. Come join us for as long or as little as you'd like but be sure to register soon. See you at the festival!

brighter future charity

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Brighter Future Charity invites ALL individuals with Autism 12 and over, Social Career Coaches / Volunteers 18+ to Participate in our "Autism Gives Back, Be More Social Program&qu...READ MORE Thank you to all the wonderful artists, supporters, family, friends, volunteers, visitors and a special thanks to T...READ MORE

Location: 7850 Melrose Ave., Booth R21, Los Angeles, CA 90036 Calling all Artists and Non-Artists with Autism! Come dressed as your own "Super Hero" and make new friends whil...READ MORE

Income, Socialization, Empowerment, Friendships, Encouragement, Recognition


We have an extensive and wonderful community of partners and supporters. We are uniquely positioned to confront the daily challenges facing individuals with autism and their families thanks in part to several collaborative partnerships:

Sails Group
Trader Joe's
Kate Von Holistic Nutrition
Jupiter Media Group
Castle Rock Water Company
Taggart Media Group


Questions? The Brighter Future Team is here to help!

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